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0225.ru Разное 6 Know the pipe inspection equipment and procedure

Know the pipe inspection equipment and procedure

Know the pipe inspection equipment and procedure

It’s like a ritual now, that when we need our sewer line to repair, we just google drain cleaning company near me, it’s the quickest way to find the best sewer companies out there. But do you know, what are the equipment used to carry out a perfect pipeline inspection? If you’re not sure, then worry not we are here to help just keep going with us.

Pipeline Inspection Equipment

Service truck

The service truck is equipped with a small generator which delivers the power to the system. Besides, there is an air-conditioned section inside the carriage which contains all the videos monitoring computers and recording equipment.

Reel cable and winch

A video cable along with a steel wire braid can be seen at the truck’s back end which is wrapped around a powerful reel. Several renowned pipe inspection companies equip their trucks with a powered winch that pops out to arrive the inspecting equipment at the desired destination.

Inspection camera and recording equipment usually the camera and lighting are fitted onto the cylindrical body of PIG (Pipeline Inspecting Gauge). The lightings (LEDs) are mounted over the camera is directly connected to the display monitor via a video cable wounded on a winch.

Pipeline Inspection Procedure

The service truck is called near the initial point of the pipeline and parked right above it. Then the inspection camera attached to the rear cable is lowered down into the pipeline. After this, the operator analyzes the inner inspection of the pipe through the monitor screen attached to the camera through the video cable. When the analysis is done, the operator guides the truck to put into reverse gear and retrieve the inspecting equipment back onto the service truck. Besides, several sewer company uses lasers with the camera for the precise measurement of the pipe and other related data.

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