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Electric lighting systems, repair, and install

Electric lighting installation is a complex and time-consuming process that requires licensed electricians near me. When choosing an electrical system and type of lighting must take into account the consumer characteristics of lighting fixtures used and the need for lighting in the different indoor and outdoor places. Home lighting is not just the installation of wires and fixtures. Competently chosen light sources can radically change the appearance of the living space and become an excellent design solution. But a poorly designed lighting system can lead to lead to inadequate lighting and overconsumption of electricity. Our 24 hour electrician offers a convenient indoor lighting installation service.

Types of interior lighting systems

In total, there are four types of artificial lighting used in various interiors. General types of lighting systems:

  • in this case, the whole area of a room is illuminated by uniformly distributed light from sources located at equal distances from each other.

Local systems and types of lighting:

  • light sources are localized in a certain area - on a desk, over a kitchen stove, on a part of the wall, etc. An example is a table lamp with a reflector.

Combined types of light sources:

  • this is the most common type. It combines the previous two.

Emergency types of lighting in the interior in the living space, as a rule, are not used. In this case, when the main source of light is switched off, additional lamps of small power are automatically lit, which are powered by batteries. You can apply for an emergency electrician installation.

Principles of street lighting

Before you start outdoor lighting installation, you need to plan and understand exactly what you need. All equipment can be roughly divided into 3 large groups:

  • Fixtures for street lighting. For this purpose, only special devices that are designed to work in different climatic conditions are suitable. Their main characteristics - tightness and moisture resistance. This group also includes motion sensors, which will respond and the light will turn on in those areas where it is necessary.
  • Monitoring equipment. Such devices will be needed to automate the system and spend minimal time on its maintenance, but still, get quality lighting at night. Plus, standard switches are also added to allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting yourself.
  • Conductors and cables. This group includes wires, pipes, terminals, couplers, and other parts, without which it is impossible to create a unified circuit of power supply to all devices.
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